Look I'll be honest, we don't like it and you don't like it... but the government make us. So let's talk about it quickly to get it out of the way, rip the bandaid off so to speak.

What's account verification?
Account verification is validating the details you've signed up with, to make sure that you're a real person and aren't just using your brand new and shiny SportChamps account, to clean up some dirty money. We're not talking cash-in-hand money from Saturday jobs, but illegal money that you don't want anyone knowing about...

Why do you have to verify?
It's part of the Anti-money Laundering Act. We have 45 days to verify you're a person, if we don't we have to disable your account.

My account has been disabled because I didn't verify it, can I reopen it?
Yeah no problems, just give us a call or jump on live chat and we'll get you sorted.

What can I do if I'm not verified?
You can deposit, enter tournaments and play. You can't withdraw money. You'll also have your account disabled if you haven't verified in 45 days of opening your account.

As always, jump on chat if you have any questions!

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