One of the greatest moments in Winter Olympic history came from Steven Bradbury in 2002 when he won Australia's first gold medal in the Winter games. Bradbury knew he was out of his depth and changed his tactics to hope that the leaders would crash and allow him to skate to victory. This strategy allows you to be the tin arse that becomes a national icon, even though your competition will probably hate you forever.

The Strategy

  • Make small bets throughout the tournament on opportunities that you are confident with

  • Slowly build your ChampCash and ensure you stay disciplined -- don't get too excited, stay under the radar!

  • Cross your fingers that the leaders stumble, laugh when they do and roll around in money

An Example Using AFL Round 6, 2017

  • 1,500 ChampCash on Western Bulldogs at the line of +29.5 ($1.61) pays out 2,415 ChampCash

  • 1,000 on Port Adelaide at the line of -17.5 ($1.48) pays 1,480

  • 1,000 on Gold Coast at the line of +18.5 ($1.77) pays 1,770

  • 1,000 on West Coast at the line of -8.5 ($1.60) pays 1,600

  • 1,500 on Geelong at the line of -18.5 ($1.87) pays 1,870

  • Keep remaining 4,000 ChampCash and build your balance with winning bets

Using the example above, you could total a safe 13,135 before making further bets. A comfortable sum and by placing 5 bets, you're now eligible to win. Hold tight with a few more bets and you would have been in the cash, for the Round 5 $50 Tournament!


This strategy isn't exciting at all but can build a modest ChampCash balance by the tournament's end. However, given our tournaments pay out the top 40%, you could find yourself in the money quite easily and with some of Steven's good fortune, you could get a podium finish with the lion's share of the pool prize!

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