Although we have labelled this 'The Nick Kyrgios', we don’t expect you to act like a spoilt brat who brings the country into disrepute. This strategy is all about aggression, taking the tournament by storm and getting the win. Who cares that everyone thinks you act like a tosser in the process. Although it's a risky strategy, it gives you the chance to be the envy of the competition. The question is: do you want to make up the numbers or do you want to win?

The Strategy

  • Load up most of your ChampCash on one First Goal/Try Scorer

  • Use your remaining ChampCash on the match result (remember you need a minimum 5 bets per entry/rebuy to be eligible for a tournament win!)

  • Roll your winnings into some multis (3 - 5 legs) during the Saturday games

  • Have another go at the First Goal/Try Scorer on a Sunday game

An Example Using AFL Round 6, 2017

  • 6,000 ChampCash on Western Bulldogs/GWS First Goalscorer: J, Cameron ($9.00) pays out 54,000 ChampCash

  • 1,000 ChampCash on Wester Bulldogs WIN ($3.57) pays out 3,570 ChampCash

  • 1,000 ChampCash on Western Bulldogs at the line of +18.5 ($2.04) pays out 2,004 ChampCash

  • 1,000 ChampCash on Half Time/Full Time: GWS/Western Bulldogs ($13) pays out 13,000 ChampCash

  • 1,000 ChampCash Total points Over/Under: Over 185.5 ($2.00) pays out 2,000 ChampCash

The Nick Kyrgios allows you to go hard and give yourself every chance of taking a big lead in the tournament. You can then sit back and throw your toys out of the pram for no reason, in true Kyrgios style. We won't ban and fine you though.

But of course, If you fall short, you can smash your racket on the ground and re-buy to go again. You could always change strategy, for something a little more "slow and steady wins the race."

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