Leaving things to the last minute can normally get you in heap of trouble (shout out to those who always forget anniversaries and birthdays). The Hail Mary is the classic last minute play where you bide your time throughout the weekend and watch your competition closely. Sunday looms with you knowing what needs to be done to get in the money and you strike with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE GOT.

The Strategy

  • Monitor the leaderboard throughout the early stages of the tournament

  • On Sunday evaluate what is required to the job done and make an aggressive play in the first game on the First goal scorer

  • Multi-up some bets involving the remaining games

  • Re-invest anything you win on from the first game into the final game of the tournament

  • Sit back and watch the rest of the field weep

An Example Using AFL Round 6, 2017

  • 2,500 ChampCash on Essendon/Melbourne First Goalscorer: Joe Daniher ($10) pays out 25,000 ChampCash

  • 1,500 ChampCash on Melbourne at the line of -10.5 ($2.99) pays out 4,485 ChampCash

  • 2,500 ChampCash on Essendon/Melbourne Total Points Over/Under: Over 190.5 ($1.96) pays out 4,900 ChampCash

  • 1,500 ChampCash on Multi: Melbourne WIN-Geelong at the line of -22.5- Adelaide/Richmond Total Point Over/Under: Over 195.5 ($8.03) pays out 12,043 ChampCash

  • 2,000 ChampCash on Multi: Melbourne at the line of +14.5, Geelong at the line of -14.5, Adelaide at the line of -21.5 ($3.87) pays out 7,735 ChampCash 

This could net you a 54,163, a strong sum at the end of most NRL/AFL tournaments.

Although the Hail Mary can be used as an outright strategy, it can be the perfect re-buy strategy. Who doesn’t love stealing victory from the jaws of defeat?

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