Let's first talk about Ned Flanders. He's the extremely religious, straight-laced, happy-go-lucky neighbour to the famous (infamous?) Homer Simpson.

Why would we name a tournament strategy after him? Well, this strategy will be there when you need it, won't fail often, but most importantly... it doesn't get the juices flowing to the exciting parts. If you're looking for more excitement, try out some of our other strategies.

Note: all AFL and NRL guides recommend placing your ChampCash on the first few games. You won't be able rebuy if you have pending bets for the final game in the round, for example.

The Strategy

  1. Choose a lot of Line or Total Points bets for the first few games -- aim to place them on the first game and second games

  2. After the first match, instantly roll your winnings into the next match, choosing similar style bets

  3. As you make your way through the tournament, choose the occasional Match Result bet, aiming for 1 - 2 matches where you reckon you know the winner.

An Example Using AFL Round 6, 2017

  • 1,500 ChampCash on Western Bulldogs at the line of +29.5 ($2.04) pays out 3,060 ChampCash

  • 1,500 ChampCash on GWS/Western Bulldogs Total Points Over/Under: Over 185.5 ($2.00) pays out 3,000 ChampCash

  • 3,060 ChampCash on St.Kilda at the line of +4.5 ($2.00) pays out 6,120 ChampCash

  • 3,000 ChampCash on Hawthorn/St.Kilda Total Points Over/Under: Under 187.5 ($2.02) pays out 6,060 ChampCash

  • 3,000 ChampCash on Melbourne WIN ($2.17) pays out 6,510 ChampCash

  • 5,000 ChampCash on Geelong WIN ($1.28) pays out 6,400 ChampCash

Following this simple and conservative strategy will slowly grow your ChampCash and allow you to avoid too many rebuys. You'll see others fly up and down the leaderboard as they go for the big wins and lose out, but you'll be quietly edging your way to victory.

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