It's important to always ensure you have the latest version of the SportChamps mobile App so that all of our hard work can be appreciated!

Upgrading your android phone takes about 5 minutes, it'd be quicker if Google apps like ours go on the Play Store, but let's not go there...

Step 1 -- Update When Prompted

If you need to update your app, you will be shown the below screen.

Step 2 -- Choose Your Browser

Choose a browser that you wish to open the file with, we recommend your default Android browser.

Step 3 -- File Will Download

 Wait for the file to download. You will see the progress in the browser.

Step 4 -- Choose the Downloaded File

Once the download is completed, swipe down from the top and click on the file you just downloaded, in order to open it.

Step 5 -- Start the Install

Click on install to process to the next step.

Step 6 -- ALL DONE

You're good to go, just open up the App and you're back in the game.

SOLUTION -- Can't Install the Android App or update?

As Gambling Apps aren't allowed on the Google Play Store, we need to store the app on our own website, which Android is always a little suspect of. Don't worry, our App adhere's to all security standards!

Therefore you need to tell your phone to trust our App before installing, see the screenshot below.

This is normally under Settings > Security & Fingerprint but might be somewhere else on different Android Phones.

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