The leaderboard is at the heart of your playing experience on SportChamps. Everything you do in placing bets, deciding when to go all in or when to play it safe, will be determined in part by where you currently sit on the leaderboard.

You get updates about your position on the leaderboard in several key ways.

Through the activity feed.

Every bet that results in a win, will show an update on the activity feed. Your feed will be populated not only with your own winning bets but with those of your competitors as well. This will give you a good idea of when somebody has overtaken you or when they have hit it big with a winner. Every update will show you the amount of ChampCash won, position on the leaderboard and which tournament this win occurred in.

Through the leaderboard tab.

For more detailed information on each tournament, the place to go is the leaderboard tab. You can access this through the navigation that sits above the markets/info screen within each tournament.

The leaderboard is at the heart of everything you do on SportChamps, rise to the top of it and show them all who's boss!

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