SportChamps is different for many reasons. 

SportChamps isn't a traditional bookmaker and we aren't a fantasy sports game. We live somewhere in-between these two worlds and have taken the best parts of each one and merged them together.

On SportChamps, you play in tournaments. These tournaments work much like an online poker tournament, where you pay an entry fee and you are allocated virtual cash (ChampCash). Each player gets the same initial amount of ChampCash to place bets with on various events. 

The events you are betting on will depend on the kind of tournament you decided to join as we offer a whole range of different tournaments. You can These include;

  1. AFL

  2. NRL

  3. Racing (Horses, Dogs, Trots)

  4. NBA

  5. MLB

  6. Soccer (Football, for those of you who are so inclined)

  7. NFL

  8. Combinations of the above sports

  9. Much more...

Basically, we offer tournaments based on most of the major Australian, US and Euro sports leagues. So there is always something you will be interested in.

Once you have paid your entry fee and been allocated your ChampCash, the actual tournament play works much like the way you would bet with a traditional online bookmaker. You pick an event, review the horse running, teams playing (or whatever other markets you are shown), review the odds you are presented with and the form of the team/runner and then make a bet.

When you click the odds on the runner you want to back, you are presented with the betting slip (On the right-hand side on a desktop, on a mobile, you will need to click the betting slip icon up the top right). Here you simply choose how much of your ChampCash you want to wager on this outcome. You can bet a small amount or bet it all, that's up to you. It's the outcome of these bets you place that determines your place on the leaderboard.

The main difference between SportChamps and a traditional bookmaker is that for a small investment of $10, you may win yourself over $200.

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