The betting slip is at the heart of your gameplay on SportChamps. Without it, it would be just a little bit hard to win any of our tournaments!

Desktop/Laptop Betslip

When playing SportChamps on your desktop/laptop computer, your bet slip will remain hidden until you activate it by attempting to place a bet. Once you click on any of the available markets within your tournament, the bet-slip will pop-up over the top of the activity feed on the right-hand side of the screen.

You can make as many or as few bets as you want within each market. For instance, if you click on 4 different bets, the bet-slip will show all 4 of these at the same time. When you are finished making your selection, you just need to pick how much ChampCash you want to wager on each of those. To make it easy, we have min and max buttons as options. By clicking one of these, we will automatically calculate both the minimum or maximum amounts you can wager on each of your selections.

Once you have decided how much you want to bet, just click on place bets down the bottom of the bet-slip. It will then confirm the bets you are about to place and should any odds have changed between the time you made your selection and the time you are placing your bet, you will be notified of the new rate and asked to confirm your bet again. Once that's all done, click continue and you will receive confirmation that your bet has been placed. Easy!

Mobile Betslip

On a mobile device, the way in which you bet stays the same (Pick a market, choose how much to bet and then confirm that bet), however, the interface works slightly differently. Once you choose the market you wish to bet on, your bet slip will populate with that choice, however, it will not pop-up over the top of the screen you are currently on. What you will see is the bet slip up the top right side of your screen will now have a little notification icon.

You will need to click on this icon to load the bet slip. Once you click on it, it works much like the desktop experience, where you simply choose how much you wish to wager on each selection, then confirm your bets. Once you have finished placing bets, you click the x icon up the top right-hand side to close the betting slip and return to the markets.

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